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About Alex's Green Fertilization Plan

Alex's makes your lawn the best it can be without harming the planet. We have traditional granular slow release program or organic programs which we tailor to your property's exact needs.

Before we properly treat your yard, we need to perform an in-depth lawn analysis. We examine your lawn and create a program to make it greener and more weed-free.

Our Lawn Analysis includes:

  • Grass types:

    Most lawns are a blend of several types, and it's best to know which are most prevalent to provide the best care.

  • Turf density:
  • Dense, healthy turf discourages weeds and crabgrass.

  • Color:
  • The color of your grass says a lot about its health.

  • Thatch:
  • This is a layer of living and dead leaves, stems and roots just above the soil. Too much thatch can reduce the lawn's response to fertilizers. This also can magnify disease and insect problems.

  • Lawn Disease:
  • There are many different types of diseases that can affect the appearance of your lawn. We can determine how to help your lawn recover by making our lawn specialists aware of the issues.

  • Soil type:
  • Knowing the condition and type of soil can determine the lawn's needs and impact it. If soil is compacted, core aeration is recommended.

  • Broadleaf weeds:
  • Certain weeds spread very rapidly and can choke out your grass. Some weeds are hard to control. It's best to treat for this in order to maintain a healthy and colorful lawn.

  • Mowing:
  • Cutting certain grass types too low or infrequently can cause the lawn to turn brown and increases its susceptibility to weeds, diseases, and crabgrass. Few people know of the importance of mowing correctly.

  • Insects:
  • There are thousands of insects that live in your lawn. Some of these are helpful, others threaten your lawn's health. It is important to be aware of the damaging insects in your area in order to control them better.

  • Shade:
  • This can determine what type of grass is best suited for your lawn.

  • Watering:
  • The amount of water your lawn receives is critical to its health. Improper watering is usually the cause or pale, sparse turf and many disease and weed problems.

  • Potential:
  • Some lawns, no matter how much work you put into them, will never look as healthy and lush as others. Be aware of those who may promise the guarantee of a "Perfect Lawn". You will be disappointed.

  • Present conditions:
  • Every great looking lawn requires continual care and attention. We can help you maintain that with our full-service lawn care.

Our rigorous five-step fertilization and weed control schedule includes:

  • Early Spring:
  • Fertilization promotes early spring greening of your lawn, plus recovery from the stresses or winter. Our first application of fertilizer will promote a healthy green up with new plant and root growth. This is a time release, granular fertilizer with Crabgrass control (pre-emergent), plus iron also added. We also check for any broadleaf weeds and will treat if necessary.

  • Late Spring:
  • We apply a liquid weed control to eliminate dandelions, creeping Charlie and other problem weeds. This application also improves the density and color of your turf.

  • Early Summer:
  • During this treatment your lawn will be fed to strengthen it for the upcoming hot weather. This granular fertilizer is a blend to promote lasting color and root growth. We also inspect the lawn for any weeds, diseases, insects, or other problems that may need attention.

  • Late Summer:
  • This time of year is great to help thicken your lawn and promote new root growth, while continuing to look for problem areas. This is also perfect for a weed control application and well-balanced granular fertilizer to maintain quality and color.

  • Fall:
  • Our specially formulated time release winter fertilizer prepares your lawn for the tough northern winters. Promoting deep root growth and adding much needed nutrients back into your topsoil.

A lush, weed-free lawn is just a phone call away.

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